13 november, 2016

My communication agenda.

This is my future communications agenda.

As of today: Facebook for selected friends. I will use the extended filtering and blocking to focus on what I prefer to see and read. Not what Facebook or others want me to read. At least I will try to keep hate, negativity and extreme political messages outside my FB profile. I will carefully choose which updates I want, and I will mostly go to my friends' profiles to read what they write on FB. Perhaps - if I'm careful - I will be able to spend less time here ...

I use Facebook Messenger, Skype and ordinary e-mail to communicate with my friends. Normally I do not use Messenger and Skype for phone calls - only when we agree on it in advance.

Phone calls are ok, if you cannot send a message. I answer the phone if I'm not busy with something important. The phone does not control me - I control my phone.