09 november, 2018

My declaration of independence

I have the right to choose my own friends.
I have the right to live for my own chosen values ​​and I take the consequences it will have.
I have no right to friendship, respect or love from others. If I get it, it's a gift.
My love for my spouse and my children determines what I sacrifice for their sake. They are entitled to my love and respect.
I believe that love is the most important principle of humanity. Love is given to me by God. I am obliged to pass it on to my fellow human beings. How I choose to do that is my responsibility to God.
I will respect the belief, attitude and values ​​of other people, even though I do not agree.

I have the right to disregard views, attitudes and behaviors that I disagree with. If it leads to distance to friends, family or communities, then it is a consequence.
I have the right to put my limited resources and my efforts wherever I choose to do it. I can not cope with all distress and misery and need and sorrow, but I choose where I will do my work. My priority is my responsibility.
I feel obligated to forgive what others do to me. I hope others forgive me if I do things that hurt others.
My spouse and I, we are one. My children are part of this unit until they take responsibility for their own lives as soon as they are grown up and have their own family. My siblings have their own lives and are responsible for it. I do not charge them (children and siblings) any responsibility for my life and I do not expect anything from them, other than what they themselves want to do or do.
To the extent my family or friends are in need, I will try to help with the care, the abilities and the resources I have, in respect of their own wishes and values.
To the extent that I myself need help or care, I will not expect anything other than what love must impose on my closest. I will respect that.
At the time when I can no longer take care of my own life, I want my friends and family to respect what I have expressed and that they will do what they think is best for me and least stressful to mine nearest.
I expect my closest family and friends to respect the above, but I can not demand it.

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